The Billings Ovulation Method‚Äö

The Billings Ovulation Method  

is a safe, natural  reliable way of timing pregnancy            

As you walk around during the ordinary course of your daily activities you know when your menstruation has begun.  You feel something happening and when you go to the bathroom you notice some bleeding.


Well at any other time in your cycle, between one menstruation and the next, have you noticed a similar sensation of something happening but instead

of bleeding you notice a secretion that looks a little like raw egg-white? 



  Billings Ovulation Method




This is normal and the sign of your health and fertility. Without it sperm cells die within a short time. Sperm live in satisfactory secretion for 3 days, rarely longer.


You are possibly fertile while observing the changing, developing pattern of cervical mucus secretion and during the three days following Peak, when there is an abrupt change in sensation from slippery to no longer slippery.  Peak is the last day of the slippery sensation at the vulva.   Ovulation occurs on Peak or up to day 2 past Peak and is followed by menstruation 11 to 16 days later. By the end of the third day the ovum is dead.


If you

a) learn how to apply four commonsense guidelines with an accredited teacher  

      b) keep a simple daily evening record

c) understand the concept of the unchanging Basic infertile pattern (BIP of dry/discharge) you will become confident in managing your fertility

and infertility during such times as:


-    regular or irregular cycles

-    breastfeeding

-    pre-menopause,

-    recovering  from  physical/emotional stress

-    coming off contraceptive medication 




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    The Billings Ovulation Method

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Drs. John and Evelyn Billings developed their Method in 1953 and were later joined in scientific collaboration by professors James B. Brown and Erik Odeblad.
  Recent  published studies in China and India found it to be better than 99% while helping couples of low fertility sometimes on IVF lists,  to achieve pregnancy.
It also safe guards fertility and facilitates early diagnosis of disease. Blind women use it successfully.